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80% Protein from King Salmon 20% Fruits & Vegetables 0% Grains, Gluten Fillers, Soy , Corn, Wheat

With antioxidant-rich berries to give your dog a gourmet meal that’s both super-tasty and super-nutritious.

high levels of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants,

Pacific salmon is perfect for keeping your dog’s skin and coat in great condition.

smoked salmon give it an extra boost of vitamin A and carotenoids and lots more mouth-watering flavour!

  • Snappy Tom has balanced essential omega 3 and 6,antioxidant blend,hairball prevention,balanced for urinary health,stool odour reduction formula,prevent FLUTD.
  • Contain taurine and essential vitamins to ensure your cat could maintain healthy eyesights.