Dog It Pet Voyageur #300 Green/Grey Large (61.9L x 42.6W x 36.9H cm) [76621]
Price RM85.00
Brand Dog It
  • Top petting door 
  • Convenient food & water dish 
  • Safety lock 
  • Collection gutter 
  • Optimum ventilation
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs 

This voyageur is suitable to fit all dogs and cats below the height of 33cm (13in). It has a petting door on top which allows owners to see their pets and calm them if needed. A food & water dish is provided at the top of the voyageur which can be convinient if travelling over long distances. Moreover, the safety lock keeps pets secured inside the voyageur. In addition, this carrier has ventilation holes at the sides ensuring air is constantly flowing within the carrier. The bottom of the voyageour is curved and covered which act as a collection waste gutter to avoid waste spillage.