Bioline Paw Cleaning Foam 150ml Dog (QB-2047)
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Brand Bioline
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  • Moisturises and protects your dog paws.
  • Antibacterial properties keep paws healthy and clean.
  • Promotes soft and supple paws, ideal for cracked or dry paws.
  • Can be used daily to clean and care for your furry friend’s feet.
  • Extremely easy to use, simply rub foam into paws
  • Naturally protects ,moisturizes & repairs the paws.

Bottle is specially designed with soft brush for cleaning the paws of your pet without touching and applies directly to the paws

Contains natural extract of aloe vera

Bioline Paw-Cleaning Dry Foam With Deep Seawater Formula gives you a premium quality product to get your Dog paws clean

  • cleaning liquid foam
  • foot fungus care
  • foot crack sterilizing
  • pets dog foot washing.