Dr Clauders Anti Hairball Paste With Taurine 100G [806107]
Price RM30.80
Brand Dr Clauders

Size: 100g tube

Product Description:
Paste with anti-hairball effect due to fruit cellulose, malt and fats. This unique formulation helps to naturally expel hairballs from the stomach and intestines. It can prevent the regurgitation of hairballs in a natural way. The formula contains the important compound taurine and thus provides cats with a basic supply of this vital amino acid building block. • May reduce the regurgitation of hairballs • With vital

Complementary feed for cats


malt 60%, Vegetable oil, animal fat, apple cellulose 4%, petrolatum album, vegetable hydrolyzate.


Analytical Constituents:
crude protein 3%, crude fat 29%, crude fibre 3.5%, crude ash 2%, moisture 14%.


Nutritional Additives:
taurine 5,000mg, vitamins: A 12,000IU, D3 980IU, E 60mg, C 28mg, B1 14.4mg, B2 9.6mg, B6 7.2mg,
B12 19.2mcg, niacin 28.8mg, pantothenic acid 18mg, folate 1.44mg, biotin 48mcg.


Feeding advice:
3 x 1g per 5-6kg body weight per day (1g = approx. 1.5cm paste strand).